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On April 14th 2009, Splash journey began, which marked a hard fought and exciting 8 years journey and established a stronghold on diversified domains and technologies. In this period, Arockiaraj initiated many path breaking innovations in sports technology.

Today, with a young team at its helm, Splash is looking to leverage its experience and expertise in sports and other domain as well.


  • Clean Design

    Minimal design is more about using the bare essentials - less is more. Clean website design conveys elegance.


    Creating plain text pages to responive websites, complex Web-based applications and social network applications.


    Hybrid application (hybrid app) is one that combines elements of both native and Web applications.

  • Application Development

    Using expertise in user design, Splash creates unique apps that cater to any client requirement.

  • Consulting

    Our turnkey consulting services that enable you to package and publish content on mobile phones, tablets, and portals.

  • Support

    CMS Theme design & customization, Domain Registration, Hosting Support, AWS Deployment and Support.



  • Splash 20

    Splash 20 provides scientific methods of analysis of player performance, strengths, areas of improvements. Every aspect is video-linked. Hence it’s not just about data & statistics

  • Eagle Eye+

    Eagle Eye+ is video-based data collection of what transpired on a ball-to-ball basis in a cricket match. Every detail from who the bowler is, to what type of ball was bowled, to who fielded the ball is captured.

  • sMaster Pro

    sMaster Pro is an intuitive data management system which enables archival and intelligent retrieval of all matches and individual statistical information.


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